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Italy Part 9 - An unlikely meeting on a the mountaintop of Ravello

a group of people posing for the camera

Our last night with David and Casey before they departed for Napoli center, we all drove the 20 minute switchback up the mountain to the village of Ravello to have dinner at X on the top of the mountain overlooking this incredible coast. Here's a cute picture of the three of us before dinner that evening before we witnessed these amazing breathtaking views...

                     a man and a woman standing next to a tree          a view of a mountain        a close up of a flower is standing in front of a building

My grandfather Lowell Samuel and my stepfather, Greg Huff, both taught me the gift of gab and that you never know where a conversation with a stranger may lead. So when a couple sat down at the table next to us, I struck up a conversation. Eventually they asked me where we were from and I responded, ‘ a small town in southern illinois, I doubt you would know it.’ The wife piped up that her husband was from Highland, so I said, ‘wow, we’re from Effingham.’ Both their faces lit up and they became very animated, ‘isn’t that they town the amazing restaurant? Our nephew goes to school in northern Illinois and we always, always plan our trips around a stop in Effingham so that we can eat there.’ My jaw dropped, ‘Do you mean firefly grill?’ They said, ‘YES, that’s it! It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the world.’ I said, “ you aren’t going to believe this but we are all from firefly traveling to learn about Italian cuisine.’ 

For me, it was the highlight of the trip. To have our family's life’s work, our blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices and accomplishments reflected back to you in such a way, in such a remote place, moved me to tears. I insisted on pics and exchange of information and the visited firefly several weeks ago. What a small world indeed?

It makes me wonder how many I walk by in the world who have been so deeply impacted by firefly and as an extension, our incredible team and the unique and special community that supported us to these lofty heights - pun intended. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

                                                                                a group of people posing for the camera