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What does it mean to be a firefly?

Our mantra is to nourish, nourish EVERYTHING, our clients, our farm, our community, the Earth and most importantly our teammates. 

We grow and serve some of the best food on the planet 86 the BS. In an industry filled with drama, egos, and pretense, we are hospitable to everyone. The way we love our team translates into love on our plates and in our dining rooms. It’s why many of our clients say firefly is their favorite restaurant on planet earth.

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Private Events

Stop searching and discover firefly events from corporate and pharmaceutical dinners to baby showers, bridal showers, and anniversary parties we’ve got you covered.

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Our Farm

Our philosophy is simple; source the best ingredients possible and stay out of their way.

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Our Crew

the owners of the Firefly Grill


Founders Niall and Kristie Campbell AKA 

El Chef (pronounced L Hefe) and his partner in all things KK

90% of people who hear their love story ask them to please write a book.

Want to know why?  

Our Story The Crew

a man holding a sign in front of a building

The Woman


Katie Koester or as Siri likes to call her Katie Koooster 

Is the woman that makes sure all things happen. Fun and tenacious, Katie is simply 


a woman sitting at a table

The Money Woman

CFO  Lacy Bushue

She’s got her mind on the money and the money on her mind.   

a person sitting at a table with food

The Turophile

Executive Sous & Super Dad Trapper Boeser

Though he won’t let any of us into his cheese club, we still love him. 

Daniel Foster sitting at a table in front of a window

The Media Messiah

Riley leads us in all things social, sometimes emotional and  always promotional. Since our dream makers aged out with Facebook, this unicorn blooded marketing guru entices tiktokers to myspacers with his hip outlook on all things firefly. 

Front of House Leader

Meet Larissa who leads us in all things front of house! With an extensive background in the restaurant and bar industry, Larissa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Her passion for hospitality shines through in every interaction, as she effortlessly combines professionalism with a warm and welcoming demeanor.